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Selection criteria

A lot of wine producers often ask us how to take part to Terroir Vino, so we thought to explain how the selections are made. TigullioVino comes into contact with the wines of various wineries in many different ways:

  1. tastings of samples directly sent to our commission
  2. tastings of self-bought wines conducted by individual tasters of TigullioVino.it
  3. tastings of wines conducted by our journalists, bloggers or tasters during wine exhibitions all over the world
  4. tastings of wines conducted directly in the wine producer's cellars
  5. tastings of wines conducted by our journalists with a most relevant wine-related heading on TigullioVino.it

Through all these tastigs, TigullioVino.it keep an always updated list of wine producers that will always worth invite to the meeting for the quality of their products. We especially consider fot Terroir Vino, those wine producers wich can offer an high quality performance not only on a single wine but on the most part of their production. Moreover, we need that at least one wine of every firm we select for Terroir Vino has reached 16/20 with an excellent quality/price ratio or more than 18/20 regardless of price.

Every year, from december to march, TigullioVino.it ask to those firms who match these requisites, to join the meeting that usually take place during the firs half of june. Every year the Commission assess those firms to keep, those to leave and those new to ask for joining with the aim to get a better selection year by year. The quickest way to be considered for Terroir Vino selections, is to send some wine samples to TigullioVino.it waiting for results publication.

The Management of Terroir Vino
Exhibitor organization and registration
(Mr. Filippo Ronco)
Web: www.terroirvino.it
E-mail: info@terroirvino.it
Cell. +39 347 211 94 50 Fax +39 06 233 220 684
Skype: filippo.ronco
Twitter: http://twitter.com/terroirvino (Tags: #terroirvino, #vuu, #gwc, #bwd)

International Contact
Mike Tommasi (italian, english, franšaise)
(Mr. Mike Tommasi)
E-mail : mike@tommasi.org
Phone : +33 609 670 940


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