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Baratto Wine Day
Free wine and food exchange
During TerroirVino, Monday June 22 2015 from 10 am to 8 pm

Baratto Wine Day

The idea of Baratto Wine Day began on Twitter about a year ago, partially as a joke. It became a reality for the first time on November 29 of last year in the castle tower of Reggiolo, near Reggio Emilia where a congenial group of friends gathered and, thanks to the organizing and sponsorship efforts of Surbir, spent the morning exchanging bottles of wine, followed by lunch at Rigoletto restaurant. Actually Baratto Wine Day (BWD) took its first steps at the first Vinix Unplugged Unconference, when Filippo Ronco invited Davide Cocco to illustrate. During this year-long journey Filippo and Davide met, liked each other and together decided that BWD should become a satellite activity of TerroirVino.

The concept is very simple and was inspired by barter, the earliest form of commercial trade. Wikipedia defines barter as "a medium in which goods or services are directly exchanged for other goods and/or services without a common unit of exchange (without the use of money)". Here is how it actually works: You bring one or more bottles from your cellar, possibly a duplicate of a wine that you have already tasted, and take home a different bottle that stimulated your curiosity.

However at TerroirVino we'll do things on a larger scale than the first time around: bartering will be allowed even if the owner of the bottle is not present: anyone entering the exchange room with any number of bottles will be allowed to leave the room with an equivalent number of bottles of his choice.

Needless to say, no consideration shall be given to the monetary value of the items being exchanged: one bottle is simply worth another one. The exchange will be made regardless of typology, vintage, DOC and reputation, real or perceived.

Why? You might ask:

  • Because it is an interesting game and we can have a lot of fun. Really

  • Because you can advertise your wine - if you are producers - or plug your favorite vintner - if you are a wine lover - at zero cost

  • Because you can cross all regional borders and find wines from all over Italy

  • Because you will have the opportunity to rotate parts of your wine cellar, possibly overstocked on an impulse with wines very similar to each other

  • And finally because, well… why not?

Rules (we tried to keep them simple):

  • For each bottle you bring in, you can take another one out. Magnums are worth 2 bottles. Half bottles and half liters are worth one bottle

  • Although BWD is self-governed, once you have entered the exchange room, you will be asked by the organizers to sign a release form; the number of bottles that you brought in will be also be verified and at this time you will be issued a voucher stating how many bottles you are allowed to take out. Upon leaving the room, the voucher will be verified and voided by personnel in charge

  • There is no reasonable minimum or maximum quantity allowed in (obviously you are expected to bring at least one bottle)

  • We trust that you will be willing and able to assure the quality of the wines you intend to offer and that you will not use this as an opportunity to dump your "dregs".

Come, try something new, Baratto Wine Day is waiting for you!

Baratto Wine Day information & contacts:
Organizer: Filippo Ronco
Baratto Wine Day coordinator: Davide Cocco
Web : www.barattowineday.it
E-mail: info@barattowineday.it
Cel. +39 347 2119450 (Filippo Ronco) +39 392 9286448 (Davide Cocco)
Skype: filippo.ronco
Twitter: http://twitter.com/terroirvino (Tags: #terroirvino, #vuu, #gwc, #bwd)


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