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Vinix Unplugged Unconference
Vinix Unplugged Unconference
Sunday June 21st 2015, Seventh Edition

Unconference: 2 pm - 7.30 pm, Villa Lo Zerbino, registration required

Gala Dinner: starting from 8.30 pm, registration required


Vinix is a major aggregator wine communities both online and offline, a place where thousands of professionals or enthusiasts meet to talk about wine, food and networking. Since many producers and actors in the wine world will gather in Genoa for TerroirVino we had the idea of taking all this energy and these discussions offline in an open live unconference on monday, just between the first and the second day of the event.

Click here to see the Unconference schedule

  1. Why "open" and why "unconference"? What in this meeting is different from a normal conference?

    We say "open" because it is open to everyone, and "unconference" because of the atmosphere, style and easy way of doing things. Indeed we will try to make every moment of the day as informal as possible, in a climate of collaboration and live networking away from the key speaker / public audience model: a large room for questions and discussion and opportunities for everyone to speak, stop, throw tomatoes, and integrate ideas and presentations in his contribution.

  2. Vinix Unplugged ... does it mean that it is open only to Vinix members?

    Not at all. Vinix as a community is representative of the wine and food web and in this sense brings with it the responsibility to enable people and information to achieve useful projects. The unconference is going to be organized by Vinix, but it is open to anyone - under reservation - who has something to say or who is interested in listening. You don't need to be a Vinix member to attend, or have a speech at Vinix Unplugged.

  3. Well but...what is an unconference, how does it work ?

    Networking, talking about issues and themes you love like projects, new ideas and solutions if possible. Some speeches will be pre-programmed because we want to make sure that it is worth one's time to come to the conference, and that the speakers will be interesting. This may encourage further participation of the public but anyone can submit what they want, by booking the unconference with a simple post-it in the space that we will make available for this.

  4. Is it free ?

    I know you would ask. Yes, Vinix Unplugged Unconferece is free for everyone and it is public so anyone can access the unconference. Being a wine & food unconference, most likely we will have good food and drink, maybe even brought by the participants themselves. Vinix is doing the major planning but the organization invites everyone to bring or do something to help. While the unconference is free, the dinner is not (see details below). If you want to help out, please contat us: unconference@vinix.com

  5. Ok, I have something interesting to talk about, what should I do?

    If you are already sure you'll come and make your speech, please
    send your application immediately and the theme of your presentation so that we can begin having a precise idea of the number of presentations that we will have to manage and spread throughout the day. If you are undecided you can also apply or even later the same day even though it could happen that there is not enough time for your presentation. The priority is to give as much space as possible to the debate so, please, keep your speech under 10 minutes maximum. If you want to use the screen for a presentation, please upload it on slideshare before coming and send us a pps or pdf copy to: unconference@vinix.com

  6. Should I book if I don't have a presentation ?

    Yes, you have to book as soon as possibile because we have limited seats.
    Please, book only if you're sure to join the unconference. Dinner details:

    Aperitivo con: Negroni, Cocktail analcolico alla frutta, Franciacorta Il Mosnel, Acqua minerale gasata e naturale.

    I fritti serviti a passaggio: Cartocci con fritturina di pesce, Fiori di zucchine dorati in pastella, Focaccine allo stracchino, Granatine di riso allo stracchino, Mozzarelle mignon in carrozza, Gamberi dorati, Foglie di salvia dorate, Frixoe mignon di baccalà, La Panissa alla genovese, Latte brusco alla genovese

    Calda dal forno: Focaccia col formaggio, La Pestata (focaccia al formaggio + pesto genovese)

    Paccheri al ragout di pesce “sostenibile”
    Stefano Caffarri's special risotto

    Frutta fresca a cubotti: melone, fragole, banane, arance, ananas Con fonduta di cioccolato Valrhona

    Piccoli dessert: Corone di Panera con lingue di gatto e canestrelli mignon, mini sorbetto al frutto della passione e zenzero, mini semifreddo al croccante con salsa al caramello, mini bavarese ai frutti di bosco, mini mousse al cioccolato e peperoncino.

    Wines from TerroirVino producers.

  7. Where and When will Vinix Unplugged take place ?

    The unconference lasts a day and will be on Sunday June 21st, from 2 pm to 7.30 pm at Villa Lo Zerbino.

  8. TerroirVino dinner on sunday

    Sunday June 21st, after the vinix unplugged unconference, will take place the TerroirVino dinner with most of the exhibitors, click here for reservations.

  9. The hotels

    For hotels, you can directly refer to our TerroirVino selected hotel list.
    We have negotiated favorable conditions for the nights around the two events. If you are thinking of joining the unconference and Terroir Vino, please book as soon as possibile (better before the first half of May) to be sure that you will find a place in one of our hotels, remember that Genoa is an holiday place for families during summer.

  10. How to help out or sponsor the event

    If you have additional questions, want to sponsor the event or just want to help out, please write to: unconference@vinix.com

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